STARDATE0709.17 - F.A.Q.

STARDATE0709.17 - F.A.Q.

July 18, 2017


Q: I have a question/correction/issue with my recent webstore order!
A: Please email with all of your customer service questions. You should receive a response within 24 business hours or less.

Q: Do you take custom requests or keep waiting lists?
A: I'm currently taking hiatus from both custom requests and waiting lists while I pursue my own personal projects/visions that I feel will take my work to the next level (and beyond!).

Q: Where can I buy your artwork?
A: Your best bet is to find me at an event, or visit the Gazette on FB to find available work thru collectors and shops.

Q: I'm a store/gallery owner; how can I get your work/merch into my storefront?
A: Please email and allow 1-2 business days for a response.

Q: Where can I find more pictures of your artwork?
A: My most recent work (2010-present) is on my instagram account (@nathan_miers), and some of my older work can be seen both here: and here

Q: I bought a space-theme piece at my local glass it yours?
A: Virtually all of the space-themed work I've done has either been signed with a Ti-Pen or bake-on decals with 'N8' and usually the year. Occasionally a piece slips out the door without either indication, in which case you can verify the piece via email, and then work out a way for me to sign the piece. There are now quite literally hundreds of other glass artists dabbling within the space theme with a lot of visual overlap, but a few of my favorites who's work stands out are the OG Gateson, Joel 'Jolex' Meyers, Sagan Glass, and Sean Clayton. If you're interested in space glass, I highly suggest you check out these artists on FB/IG as well.

Q: I/my friend/my dog broke my piece, now what?
A: PLZ NOTE MY REPAIR POLICY HAS CHANGED RECENTLY: I will attempt to repair any damaged work that is of my own making and is due to my own or manufacturer defects. I am NOT fixing accidental breaks at this time and I reserve the right to turn down ANY other repairs or modifications for any reason. If I DO take on your repair, turn-around time will vary from 1-8 weeks depending on severity and the charge will vary and be discussed before the repair is made. If your piece doesn't survive the repair, you will not be charged and asked what you want to do with the scraps. Pieces must be as clean as new if/when returned - anything shipped to me dirty (residues or smells) will be saved for local pickup or destroyed if pickup cannot be arranged. *All repairs from a numbered series will have a .5 after the number, ie: a #26 pendant that has been fixed will be marked #26.5. If it's not a numbered piece but has been repaired, it will have an ® (an uppercase 'R' with a circle around it near the signature).

Q: How did you come up with the Intergalactic Series?
A: I made my first space-theme piece back in late '06 or early '07 and kinda just forgot about it for a couple of years. Then I was star-gazing from my balcony before bed one night; I just got back from a long day in the studio and was feeling a little burnt-out on the linework patterns that I was doing all day every day. As I sat watching for shooting stars and listening to the night-time critters rustle in the brush below, I began slowly to slowly puff on my night-time pipe and had an 'Aha!' moment of sorts...I had a quick and vivid flashback of that first space piece. That's when this series was (re)born. I started with the old and very well-known technique of rolling black tubing in silver dust to make the basic space look, but it quickly evolved into it's the multi-layered mash-up you see today. There are now so many little tricks and techs and layers, that I can't possibly add them all into one scene, and the continual evolution of this series over the years is something I strive for.

Q: I've heard you referred to as a bunch of different nicknames and monikers. What's up with that?
A: I don't quite know how I ended up with so many nicknames! It started back in high-school with 'N8'. That is what I've always used to sign my artwork (however many of my marbles between '06 and '08 were signed 'NM'). I started 'NoDFX' my original limited-production glass company back in '02 and then I went by 'EyeCandyArts' for awhile, which were my prime marble-making years. You might also hear other referring to me as 'World Famous' (or 'WoFo' for short), and this nickname was given to me when I first moved to Denver because of how many people in the glass community I knew, or knew me. I'm sure I'm still leaving a few out...

Q: I want to start blowing glass...where do I start?
A: When I first started, I went online and started looking for info. I found (which was called something different at the time) and spent a majority of my off-torch time during the first four or five years of my glassblowing adventure there reading old posts, asking questions, and soaking up as much knowledge as humanly possible. I also befriended a couple of local artists early on who took me under their wings and showed me a few things that people weren't talking about as much on the internet at the time (shoutouts to KC, Chico, LeeZ, and JWells). Now practically everything is on YouTube so if you don't have a local glassblower to help you out, I'd recommend you start there to learn about tools and techniques, and then seek out people both online and locally who you can discuss ideas with, share resources, and potentially grow together with. If this sounds like you, then good luck on your glass adventures!! =D