STARDATE12.21.21 - COA & BOS

STARDATE12.21.21 - COA & BOS

January 13, 2022

Let's take a moment to talk about the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) and the Bill of Sale (BoS). These two items have largely been absent from our industry. One could argue there really hasn't been a need or demand for them. But as values climb, maybe it's time (or even past due!) to bring them into our art world. Kudos to the other artists who are including COA's with their work already. I am far from the first pipe artist to do so, but I will share here with my fellow artists and collectors what I have learned along the last few months diving into the subject. For my solo works, I've also added some extra features, such as creating a digital COA NFT on the Ethereum network, which primarily acts as a digital provenance, or a Digital Certificate of Authenticity (DCOA). But there's more...the NFT is also linked via an NFC chip under the security sticker (w/custom serial number), and scannable using tech that your phone already has. NFC, NFT, COA, BOS, GD! Hang in there, we're learning!!

My hope is that more artists start to offer these documents and more collectors start to ask for it, at least for the really high-end pieces. So why would a collector need a COA and BOS anyways? We've never really needed them before, and that's true for a few reasons. But generally speaking, there are a few good reasons a collector might want these items included with their valuable artwork and collectibles such as provenance, authenticity, and insurance purposes. The first two are pretty easy to understand; who made it, when, where, how much did it sell for, etc. These are important details to keep track of if you are collecting artwork for the long haul. These are also details a buyer may want to know upon resale or when passing on your artwork to someone else.

The second reason brings us to insurance; if you want to insure your multi-thousand dollar collectibles and artwork while you possess it, whether it be glass, painting, or any other medium, it's tough or even impossible to do so without some kind of proof of what you paid and to whom. Most homeowners or renters insurance plans will only cover around $2500 in personal items, whether they be artwork, collectibles, or whatever. That could cover 10 small pieces, or 1/10 of a larger piece. In the past 5+ years you most certainly would not have even been able to get insurance on a pipe, but we're entering a time where insuring a multi-thousand dollar sculptural pipe isn't that much different than a fancy goblet! Finally! Now we still have some ground to claim in this area, and I'm not guaranteeing that you can insure your headdie sculpture, at least depending on what state you're in, but as this is all becoming more accepted, you'll be ready. We also don't have heady glass appraisers (yet) so if you have an older piece that has gained alot of value, that is still an obstacle to get past.

What are your thoughts? Would you insure your piece if you could? Is this too much stuff for a pipe? Please leave me a message on my most recent IG post. 

Some things I learned that I'd like to share with artists:
I'll post a blank below, which I'm okay with because of the security features that aren't pictured, but there are a few things I'd change if I were to make another version. Or things to take note if you make your own.

First off, for 'Medium' it's usually just glass, but I've gotten creative using the extra space for accent colors, hidden uv or murrine, etc. etc. 'Size' also was a waste of space, even if you do height and width...I guess you could add weight there too, you weight freaks...haha!! Get security stickers made, preferably with unique serial numbers made. I started with 420000, so everyone gets a 420 in their serial! I won't be mad if you do the same, haha! 

You'll want to include your info to make it as professional as possible. The back also has a few more spaces for additional buyers, and also a notes section for anything a future buyer might want to know. I haven't had any insurance agents call me yet to confirm any pieces or prices, but I anticipate there will be a day...and I'm happy to help! 

Let me know what you think below, or on my most recent Instagram post, and thanks for looking! -N8-