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Murrine - IG Series

Murrine - IG Series

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Murrine coins and sets from my Intergalactic Series body of work. If you'd like to learn more about my Intergalactic Series body of work, please read the N8 Collectors Guide.

IG2.X SERIES (2014-15)
2015 - IG2.2.0 is the Pura Vida Series. It was inspired on my annual trips to Costa Rica. Includes three tile scenes; Palm Trees, Beach Sunset, and Arenal Volcano.

2016 - IG 2.2.1 is the Bronto Park scene utilizing dinosaurs modeled after Elbo’s Bronto series as a tribute. The tile with two dino’s and palm trees has been used interchangeably with the palms, sunset, and volcano scene from IG2.2.0.

Bronto Dino Coin 24mm
Multiverse Stars Slab 25x25mm
Palm Trees Slab 30x27mm

Dino Coin Component Set:
Dino Coin 25mm
Head 16x8mm
Eye 7mm
Star 5mm

IG2.2.0 7pc Arenal Volcano Component Set:
Main Tile 19x13mm
Volcano 20x28mm
Palm Tree 13x17mm
Smoke 19x15mm
Stars 6mm & 13mm
Crescent Moon 10mm

IG2.2.0 6pc Beach Sunset Component Set:
Main Tile 18x13mm
Wave 10x14mm
Palm Tree 14x23mm
Surfboard 7x18mm
Stars 8mm

IG2.2.0 4pc Palm Tree Component Set:
Main Tile 30x30mm
Palm Tree 15x24mm
Stars 6mm & 9mm

IG2.2.1 6pc Dino Park Component Set
Main Tile 28x22mm
Palm Trees 12x16mm
Shooting Stars 16x18mm
Stars 6mm & 14mm


IG3.X Series (2016-18)
This series was released at Boro Brothers in May of 2016. Recap video

Challenger Coin 15mm

4pc Challenger Set
Challenger Coin 15mm
Cockpit 14x7mm
Wings 11x16mm

8pc Challenger Master Component Set 
Challenger Coin 15mm
Cockpit 20x11
Blastronaut 8x7mm
Flag 14x11mm
Wings x2 25x37mm
Engines x2 15x20mm

7pc Satellite Master Component Set w/Operation Paperclip Easter Egg
Satellite Coin 15x12mm
Dish 20x12mm
Control Panel 10x14mm
Solar Array 13x8mm
Solar Panel 9x9mm
Op. Paperclip 8x8mm


IG4.X Series (2019-23)
IG4.00 3pc Rings Sets 
13mm, 14mm, 18mm

IG4.00 3pc Honeycomb Component Set #1
12mm, 15mm, 17mm

IG4.00 3pc Honeycomb Component Set #2
14mm, 14mm, 16mm

IG4.00 3pc Honeycomb Component Set #3
14mm, 14mm, 16mm

IG4.00 3pc Honeycomb Component Set #4
13mm, 13mm, 16mm

IG4.00 3pc Honeycomb Component Set #5
12mm, 13mm, 14mm

IG4.10 20mm Spiral Galaxy V4 Single Coin (Color)

IG4.19 3pc White Features Component Set
13mm, 17mm, 20mm

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