STARDATE0711.17 - WTF is SpaceJunk?

STARDATE0711.17 - WTF is SpaceJunk? Junk? Well, Space Junk consists of my favorite spacey scraps and/or trash from pieces or projects that didn't quite make it. I save them up until I have enough for a batch of jars and then I hand-build each one myself. The idea behind the space junk jars is that they become bargaining chips within the glass community. I've never sold a single jar for my own personal gain, however, you may do with them as you see fit. Every single space junk jar that I've distributed has been gifted through random acts of kindness, or via contests on social media or at gallery shows, and all of the proceeds gifted back to either the community or for a greater good. I'd rather not see them sold for profit, but LIFE happens, and if someone needs to part with theirs for some kind of life enrichment, then I wish them luck! <3 Some people have opened the jars and distributed the pieces, sometimes for cash; but I ask that you PLEASE DO NOT DO NOT OPEN THEM. Trust me when I say the glass shards look a whole lot cooler (and safer) in the jars! ;)
What should you do if yours breaks or the liquid vegetable glycerine becomes cloudy? You can very carefully rinse the scraps with warm water in a strainer and place them into a new jar. Vegetable glycerine is available at your local health food store if you just need to replace the old glycerine, OR, if you need a complete rebuild, plz simply email my team ( for shipping instructions and I'm happy to replace the jar/lid and rebuild the jar as best as possible. Happy Junking! -N8-
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