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N8 Murrine - Various

N8 Murrine - Various

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These are various murrine coins and sets from: the N8-Bit series, the Assassin of Youth series, the Big Bang series, the Murakami Flower collaboration with Elbo Glass, and other assorted pulls I've done.

If you'd like to learn more about these murrine series and where they fit into my larger body of work, please visit this collectors guide.

Each coin is saw cut and then polished to a glossy finish with cerium oxide and comes with a small display case.



These are various murrine from the N8-Bit release in January 2019 at Purple Haze in Denver. You can read more about the event and the initial release in this blog, and a there's also a video recap here.

7pc Invader/Galaga Set:
Orange 17x14mm
Purple 27x21mm
Red 19x19mm
White V1 23x17mm
Green V2 19x15mm
Gunner 23x22mm
Galaga V1 12x12mm

Single Galaga V2 Coin 15mm
Large Single Rocketship Slab 19x24mm
Large Single Red Invader Slab 20x20mm
Large Single Green Invader Slab 20x15mm
Large Single Purple Invader Slab 21x20mm

3pc Moon/Star/Rocket Set:
Moon:10x13mm, Star 8x8mm, Rocket 7x11mm

2pc V1 Galaga/V1 Invader Set:
Galaga 10x10mm, Invader 9x14mm

3pc Set w/Small Purple/Orange/Green Invaders:
Purple 11x9mm, Orange 13x13, Green 10x8mm

3pc Green Invader Component Set:
Main 20x16mm, Left & Right 19x23mm

3pc Orange Invader Component Set: 
(Main 17x14mm, Left & Right 19x20mm)

V1 B/W Invader 14pc Master Component Set 
Main 27x19mm
Lg Comp (x4) 22x15mm
Gunner 19x18mm
Sm Bits (x8) 6x6mm


These 7pc sets are from the Big Bang murrine pull I made in 2015. Each coin is cut and then polished with cerium and the set comes with a small display case.

To learn more about the backstory of this murrine project, please visit this IG post.

7pc Big Bang Component Set
Main Tile 22x24mm
Atom 15mm
Quarks x2 11mm
Electorns x2 11mm
Cosmic Radiation 13x7mm


These murrine are from the Assassin of Youth murrine pull I made in 2015. Each coin is cut and then polished with cerium and each coin or set comes with a nice small display case.

To learn more about the backstory of this murrine project, please visit this IG post.

Single Klein Coin 10x17mm
Single Weed Leaf Coin 20mm
Large Kaleidoscope Coin 24mm

6pc Component Set and Large Kaleidoscope Coin Set:
Leaf 19mm
Bong 10x17mm
Drip 10mm
Sherlock 18x22mm
Klein 8x18mm
Kaleidoscope Coin 22mm


This Murakami Flower murrine series was a collaboration with Elbo Glass for his fashion-inspired glass show. You can read the whole backstory here. This is a very limited series, and these are some of the last collector coins in the archives.

Single Flower Coins- Asst Colors and Sizes

5pc Flower Set #1
Red 18mm
White 20mm
Green/White 16mm
Blue/White 15mm
Rainbow 16mm

5pc Flower Set #2
Red 18mm
Green 19mm
Rainbow/White 15mm
Blue/Purple 20mm


Invasion Clusterfuck V1 22mm
2015 Sig Clusterfuck 28mm
2018 Sig Clusterfuck 23mm
Colorado State Coin 17mm
Mr Gray UFO (Used heavily in IG1.0) 16mm
V3 Rocketship Coin 14mm
Multiverse Stars 31x14mm
You Are Here Coin 24mm

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