Eusheen and I created this set, dubbed "Solar Flare" in the summer of 2018 at @EverdreamStudio in Evergreen, Colorado. We enlisted @TheTerpDon to film the entire process from start to finish over a 5 day period and 100+ man hours. Watch the video below:

Video Director/Cinematographer: @TheTerpDon
Editing: JRB
Music: Two suns by Tor

It was truly a treat to work with @TheTerpDon. He brought professionalism (and tasty terps!) to the shoot each day, and while he drafted his own vision of the project based on his extensive experience, he was always happy to listen to our suggestions and then grow the vision together. 

Shout-out to Glass Alchemy for the Hot Sauce color which helped in the namesake, Quave's Club Bangers for supplying the flat-top quartz, and to @largejulius for scooping this special set and taking it around to sesh after sesh, the way headies are supposed to be enjoyed. <3 

Solar Flare, by Eusheen and Nathan (N8) Miers, 2018
Photographs by @TheTerpDon