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N8 Sticker Packs

N8 Sticker Packs

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NASA-N8 Pack - 1 Foil Sticker, 2 Die-cut stickers, and 1 coaster.
ZODIAC-N8 Pack - 3 different foil stickers and 1 coaster.
CONSTELLATION-N8 - 2 Foil Constellation stickers and 1 coaster.

NASA-N8 Pelican Sticker Set.
INCLUDES: 2 sets of (3) stickers for a Pelican 1200 and 2 sets of (3) stickers for a Pelican 1400. 12 Stickers total. Each full set includes: Flight Hardware, Handle With Care, and a NASA N8 Logo for the badge area, alcohol pads for pre-cleaning (not pictured).

N8 Pelican Badge - Laser Engraved on wood with an adhesive back. Fits into the front badge area on a Pelican 1400 case. Measures 3-1/4" x 2". Available in Black and Red.
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